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Friday, February 6, 2009

Mobile Banking and iPhone a Pretty Good Match

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 10:00 AM

"You may not want to learn how much smaller your bank account has gotten. But banks are making it easier than ever for consumers to access account information on their mobile devices."

Bank of America and Chase are a couple banks that have specific apps for free in the iTunes store, but even those without apps are getting into the mobile banking scene. I use Wells Fargo as well as Washington Mutual (yes they are both still in business) and both have mobile interfaces with custom icons that work very well with the iPhone. They make it very easy to transfer funds and check balances among other things; much more usable than using SMS to get information. The iPhone, for me, has become very indispensable when it comes to my banking needs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Want Valentine's Flowers? There's an App for That

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 01:00 PM

"This free iPhone, iPod app from could come in handy, the idea of using a meeting deadzone to order a forgotten birthday gift (sorry mom!) appeals to me immensely. You can order stuff from the site, namely flowers, plants, balloons, plus cookies, cakes and wine and cheese, some for same-day delivery."

Not a bad idea for the desperate boyfriend / husband on the go! Gonna have to keep this one on the iPhone for next weekend just in case. Flowers are always a good gift and what could be bad about crossing flowers and iPhones?

Orange iPhone Exclusive in France Struck Down

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 09:00 AM

"France's leading mobile operator, Orange, has failed to restore its exclusive deal with Apple to sell the latest version of the iPhone in France as the Paris Appeal Court confirmed a competition watchdog's ruling, reports Reuters."

I don't see how having the iPhone on one carrier hurts competition. The only thing it does do is give one carrier a phone that other carriers can't carry. In essence, the argument being made is that other companies simply can't compete with the iPhone. Maybe it's because I'm in the business and have been for so long, but I'm just a little jaded when it comes to cries of "competition" in the wireless industry. Is it really competition when every wireless carrier offers almost the same plans for almost the same price? Sounds more like collusion than competition to me. I wouldn't be surprised if the carriers in Europe, to avoid stupidity like this, just start doing what they do in the US: only have phones on different bands altogether. For example, a T-Mobile 3G phone (1700 Mhz) won't work on AT&T's 3G Network (2100 Mhz). It won't be long before carriers in Europe start changing up their networks just so only their devices will work on their network.

It should be noted that France's gripe was mainly with the 5 year length of the exclusive agreement, though, meaning you can do this horrible exclusive thing as long as you don't do it for too long. Isn't it nice to know your business practices are being guided by those geniuses of business also known as the government?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

iPhone Users Got Game!

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 12:00 PM

"New data from ComScore showing that 32.4% iPhone owners have downloaded at least one game - compared with only 3.8% for the average cell phone owner - sparked some fresh analysis of the booming iPhone (and iPod touch) game market."

Photo Credit: Apple

I've never been a huge fan of playing games on the iPhone, but I admit I do fall into the mix with the other 32.4% of iPhone users that have downloaded at least one game (most of my gaming is done on my Xbox 360). The stats do speak for themselves however, and it appears that the iPhone/iPod Touch is leading the charge in mobile gaming.

Emoji App Not Approved

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 11:00 AM

"I went ahead and submitted Freemoji to the App Store under the assumption that if one application had already made it there that clearly affects this preference, the precedent had been set for another. And yes, I made sure to note so in the application description as a free alternative, figuring that the weight of precedent might help get it through. As already mentioned, Apple thought otherwise. The application was rejected for its ability to make changes outside the application's container area. As Apple wrote in its rejection, iPhone applications are restricted to reading and writing within their sandbox. Sandboxes define a limited set of unique files and folders which are allocated to each application."

Apple really needs to lighten up. All this app did was automate a process that we detailed here a few weeks ago. Instead, because of the silliness of sandboxes and such, Freemoji got rejected. It's not like we're talking about changing important system files or other obvious system-related features. They're emoticons, and yet Apple seems hell-bent on making sure they aren't available in the United States or anywhere else outside Asia. I just don't get it.

iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware Problems Reported

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 10:00 AM

"Drip, drip, drip. It seems like a lot of people are getting very s l o o o w backups when syncing their iPhones again."

I haven't experienced this problem on a regular basis, although my first backup was very slow after I updated my iPhone to version 2.2.1. It appears there is some discussion on the Apple boards about it, even more about the update causing some problems with iTunes. I haven't read anything about a fix so far, other than some guesswork as to the cause being related to DRM music.

Rumor: iPhone 3.0 Coming Soon? Maybe...

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 09:00 AM

"Coverage of Apple's plans to launch the iPhone 3G in the United Arab Emirates later this month appears to also signal a June release date for the handset's successor. On Monday, Emirates Telecommunications - Etisalat said that it had struck the first iPhone deals of 2009 when it announced in a local newspaper plans to bring the iPhone 3G to the UAE and Saudi Arabia (under the Mobily brand) later this month. Mark Davis, Program Director for iPhone at Etisalat, later spoke with Dow Jones and revealed the precise launch date to be February 15th. The same report went on to say that the "next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time.""

June? I'll take it. Honestly, I don't feel the urgency for the next version of the iPhone OS that I felt for 2.0, so it isn't pressing to me, but I always like to see new gadgets come along! Anyone else looking forward to the 3.0 release?

Tags: rumor, iphone, 3.0

Task Syncing for iPhone from Google

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 08:00 AM

"While Apple still seems stubbornly set against allowing iPhone users to get things done, since they haven't introduced any kind of note or to-do syncing for the iPhone, Google appears eager to scratch the itch."

When I first read about this, my first thought was that I wish it was something that I didn't have to be online to use. However, after using it on the slow edge network, I have to admit it works pretty well. If you save it to your iPhone they have even provided a handy icon and, as a bonus, it also works with Mailplane. I do wish there was a way to share the list between Gmail accounts but maybe in the next version.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Patent Application Hints at Video Conferencing on iPhone

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 02:00 PM

"A recent patent awarded to Apple indicates that the company is planning to bring video calling and recording features to its iPhone handset. According to InformationWeek, the patent also includes a description section including the following potential features: "In some embodiments, the functions may include telephoning, video conferencing, e-mailing, instant messaging, blogging, digital photographing, digital videoing, web browsing, digital music playing, and/or digital video playing.""

I'm digging the idea of video conferencing on the iPhone, but dreading the fact that it would probably only work with iChat whose video conferencing I've never actually gotten to work whenever I've tried. I think the interesting part of the idea of a camera on the iPhone is one of Apple's other patents; a camera embedded behind the display. That to me is a whole lot more plausible than a forward-facing camera hole up near the ear piece.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Where Did Push Notifications Go?

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 04:00 PM

"As the end of January 2009 draws near, there’s still no sign of push notifications. Reports at the end of September said that all support for the system was pulled from beta versions of the iPhone Software Development Kit for the then-forthcoming iPhone 2.1 update. So what happened? We put in a call to Apple to find out the reason why, but unless you’re new to this whole scene you won’t exactly be flabbergasted to hear that the company was about as communicative as your average sullen teenager."

I have a feeling Push Notifications are dead and buried and that Apple is working on a way to just enable multitasking properly and efficiently, which is why we haven't heard anything about Push Notifications in months. Do I have anything to base that on? Not really. It's more or less just a hunch based on the sudden disappearance of one of the most touted features of the version 2 firmware. I could be wrong, and in fact I probably am, but in honesty I have as much to base my theories on as anyone else, so why not opine just like they do?

It's Showtime!

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 02:00 PM

"If you’re the type that loves to show off pictures (or even video) to everyone you meet, you’re going to love this new iPod/iPhone accessory from Scosche. I don’t usually go around showing of dozens of pictures on my iPhone to friends and family, but if I did, I might look into one of these showTIME adapters. This cable is pretty simple and straight-forward. Just plug one end into your iPhone or iPod and the other goes into the RCA inputs on a TV. You can then control a slideshow of your favorite pics, or even show off a video or two if you like."

This is a great find by OhGizmo and another reason to love my iPhone. I know it isn't the first device to have TV out, and I know the quality won't be the best ever, but when traveling, hooking my iPod up to a hotel TV was something I used to do quite regularly. This should be just as useful as that old retractable cable was years ago!

Flash on iPhone? Adobe & Apple Are On It.

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 12:00 PM

"Once thought to be building Flash for the iPhone mostly on its own, Adobe has mentioned at the World Economic Forum that it's not only continuing work on the animation plug-in but has teamed up with Apple to make it a reality. In an interview with Bloomberg at the Davos, Switzerland event, Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen describes development as a complicated two-way process rather than maintaining the previous image of a one-sided effort that would depend on App Store approval before it could launch. "It’s a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating," he says. "The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver.""

To be honest, I want Flash on the iPhone more than I want anything else including copy and paste. I'm seriously happy that Apple has finally awakened to the fact that the modern web really does require Flash and that it's in their best interest in giving it to iPhone users, particularly if you want to claim the iPhone has the best web experience in the phone businesss.

iPhone Share of Global Market Hits 1.1 Percent

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 08:00 AM

"Apple made good on a target set by Steve Jobs when he originally announced the release of the original iPhone in June of 2007. He wanted the iPhone to take 1 percent of global cellphone market share by the end of 2008, and according to at least two different market research firms, Apple has met, and surpassed that goal."

Nokia is the dominator in this race with over 38 percent of the global market, but Apple didn't do too bad considering they have only one product and have only been in the market since June of 2007. Apple and RIM had the biggest jumps in market share, .8 percent and .9 percent respectively. RIM of course is the maker of the Blackberry, a company that, like Nokia and many others, has numerous entries in this race.

Friday, January 30, 2009

StarPlayr Coming Soon!

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 03:00 PM

"Orbitcast has received word from multiple sources (one of which is extremely reliable) that the uSirius StarPlayr iPhone app - which will allow you to play Sirius XM Radio on your iPhone - will be going public soon. According to these sources, the uSirius StarPlayr app will be submitted to the Apple Store by Saturday, January 31st. After submitting, Apple simply needs to approve the iPhone app, and it will go public."

This will be a truly great application; I can feel it. I'm so looking forward to it! Anyone else out there a SiriusXM fan and looking forward to it? Maybe you make this move instead of going for an additional unit?

Another Lawsuit for the Apple Legal File

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 10:00 AM

"A Northern California man is not happy with his iPhone. AppleInsider reports that Jason Medway thinks his iPhone performs poorly, and believes Apple advertising is tricking people into purchases the device can't live up to."

Wired did a study last year that found the problem was more a carrier problem than a handset problem, but this lawsuit claims it is Apple that is hindering the speed with a defect in the iPhone. AT&T gets off the hook in this one since they aren't named as a defendant. My 3G isn't super speedy (700 Kbits/s download, 200 Kbits/s upload) while at work, however I'm kind of on the edge of the network there so I haven't thought too much about it.

Tags: iphone, lawsuit, 3g

Thursday, January 29, 2009

VUDU App for iPhone/iPod Touch Released

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 12:00 PM

"Streaming video pioneer VUDU released an iPhone app this week that allows users to rent or buy a movie remotely."

Have a VUDU Box? So busy that you can't wait for the movie to download once you get home? Well this app is for you! To be honest, if I had a VUDU box I would probably use this app, just because I could.

New iPhone Ads With a Twist

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 10:00 AM

"As if Apple hasn't already launched enough iPhone ads, they have introduced two more this week. These ads, entitled Fix and Read, are much like the typical ads in that they only contain the iPhone and that perfect hand. However, they are a little different in what they discuss."

The ads go at it from a different angle, focusing on tasks instead of single applications. I think I prefer these ads, so I can see what the iPhone is capable of doing. For instance in the Fix ad, they show an app called "MultiLevel", which functions much like a bubble level using your iPhone on its side or face up. Wild.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Peggle for iPhone Coming in March

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 02:00 PM

"We actually heard this last year, straight from Apple, but here's confirmation: PopCap Games has told our sister site Joystiq that Peggle, the distractingly cute-looking yet extremely addictive puzzle shooter, is coming to the iPhone in March of this year. If you've played Peggle (or any of PopCap's games, really) you'll know why this is so exciting, and if you haven't yet played it, you'll be in for a treat."

Peggle was the first game I bought for my iPod that I looked forward to playing and didn't just play as a distraction to kill time, and to me, being able to play it on the iPhone is something I've been anxiously awaiting since the App Store opened in July of last year. I can wait until March. I've already waited since I got my first iPhone on launch day, so what's a few more months? Anyone else a big Peggle fan and looking forward to this one as much as I am?

Emoji Without Jailbreaking

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 12:00 PM

"Got an amazing link today from Ashot about this application that will allow you to send Japanese emoji icons to anyone with an iPhone - without hacking it! You all know I won't jailbreak my iPhone :)

Anyways, it's really simple. This is all you need to do:

#1. Get this $0.99 app called frostyplace from the iTunes store [ link ]

#2. Play with the app for a minute to activate, click on a story, etc

#3. Go into you settings -> General > International > Keyboards > Japanese

#4. Click the Emoji option to on!

#5. Text anyone with an iPhone and they'll get your icons!"

Well, I did it and it worked like a charm. Emoji icons are just one more thing that I don't get the regional restriction on. Are Japanese people the only folks who may want to send a smiley every now and then? Anyway, Justine notes that if you don't get the option for the Emoji keyboard right away, you may have to click around in the Frostyplace app for a bit to get it to become available, but once it does, you're golden. Fun stuff!

iPhone Now a Cube-Solving Machine

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch)" @ 10:00 AM

"Is there anything an iPhone app cannot be programmed to do? CubeCheater is an amazing app for iPhone and iPod Touch that, given the current state of your Rubik's Cube, will tell you how to solve the puzzle in just a few moves. You can either input the cube's state using the color palette and tapping in the colors, or you can just take a picture of each face of the cube and CubeCheater will use advanced computer-vision techniques to recognize the cube for you. (The camera feature is obviously not available on iPod Touch)"

Yet another thing the iPhone can do that I can't do: solve a Rubik's Cube. I've never actually solved one in my entire life but maybe I could learn how if I got this and worked really hard?

Nah. I didn't think so either. I'll stick to popping it apart.

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