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Thursday, March 29, 2012

34 Years of Apple Milestones

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple News" @ 05:00 AM

It's only about 2 minutes long, and well worth the time it takes to watch. Very cool.

Tags: hardware, history

Monday, February 6, 2012

"I Want a Phone People Will Fall in Love With"

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad" @ 04:00 AM

"Former Apple product manager, Bob Brochers, recently gave a lecture to students about how the original iPhone was realized by a small team of engineers that Steve Jobs put together."

I think Mr. Brochers and his team fulfilled Steve's wish for a phone that "people will fall in love with" don't you? Interesting story about the beginnings, especially that they had to change out the plastic screen after Jobs came to them with his iPhone that was all scratched up. Gorilla Glass to the rescue, although they won't admit they use it for some reason. Also cool is that the ads all show 9:42, the time the iPhone was launched. More tidbits can be found here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Apple Retail, A Look Back as Well as a Look Forward

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple News" @ 03:00 AM

"Apple celebrated three ten year anniversaries in 2011, making this year its first full year in its second decade of Mac OS X development, iPod devices and iTunes, and its retail operations, even as the company takes on new business categories ranging from iAd to iCloud to Siri. Here's a look at where the company is headed for its next decade of retail operations."

Interesting history lesson, as well as some insight into what the future might hold for Apple retail as we progress through 2012 and beyond. What are your thoughts on where you see Apple going with their retail operations?

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Steve Jobs Timeline

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple News" @ 05:00 PM

"With the resignation of Steve Jobs, Apple has lost both a product visionary and outspoken leader. This timeline is an ode to the ideas and words of perhaps the greatest technological revolutionary of the past century."

Love the quotes interspersed with the graphics.

Tags: jobs, history

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Apple Product Tree

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Other Apple Hardware" @ 02:30 PM

"When it comes to industrial design, few consumer electronics or computer makers have the legacy or influence of Apple, Inc. In the last 35 years, Apple has introduced a myriad of products and devices, some very successful, some, not so much."

This is a pretty cool representation of the Apple product line, in the form of a tree. The graphic goes from the first product in 1976 until 2011, and all products in between. I'm guessing 2011 will be expanding soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Run Through the Evolution of the Apple Laptop Shall We?

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Classic Apple" @ 03:00 AM

"Word of an imminent MacBook refresh of some sort appear every day. Whether it be a new MacBook Air or the revamping of Apple's most popular laptop, it's interesting to take a look at how the design of the portable Mac has evolved over time."

The iBook G3 pictured above was the first one I ever had any hands on time with, as one of my co-workers brought hers in one night to work. I was still on the fence until they came out with the G4 Titanium in slide 10. Sold! Interesting retrospective of all the laptops over the years and it is fitting with all the rumors lately of a MacBook Air refresh. Which Apple laptop was your first?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Apple v. Microsoft, an Infographic

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "The Competition" @ 02:00 AM

"Sean Lind at Manolution has posted an incredible infographic highlighting the battle between Microsoft and Apple throughout the history of computing."

Click on this link and you can see the chart, which lists the major product launches by both companies, as well as changes within the companies and the effects on the stock price at the time. It's an interesting chart even without the comparison if you are at all interested in the history of either company.

Friday, April 15, 2011

So What Did Save Apple in the 80's? Guy Knows...

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Classic Apple" @ 02:00 AM

"The survival of Apple beyond the 1980s is thanks to one piece of software, says Guy Kawasaki, best-selling author and Apple's former chief evangelist."

And that one piece of software was Aldus PageMaker, which made the Mac the go-to computer for desktop publishing. Without it, according to Kawasaki, Apple would have been dead in the water. I remember when the owner of the limousine company I was working for came in with his Macintosh, and that is exactly what he used it for...well that and some bookkeeping whenever we could pry the keyboard out of his hands. There really wasn't much out there for the Mac in those days, especially on the business end of things but it certainly was embraced by the ad-centric and publishing software companies. I used to hear it all the time, business work needs a Windows machine and artists need a Mac. My how times have changed, or have they?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

An OS X History

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 04:00 AM

"The groundbreaking operating system was introduced to the public on March 24, 2001. Mac OS X helped reverse Apple's fortunes in the desktop PC market, and has underpinned a lot of Apple's subsequent success. Most importantly, it spawned iOS, which runs today's iPads and iPhones."

The 10th anniversary was last week, and I found this to be an interesting background on the operating system that changed everything for Apple. Or at least started them down the path to where they are now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sculley on Jobs, and Apple

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Classic Apple" @ 06:00 AM

"In 1983, Steve Jobs wooed Pepsi executive John Sculley to Apple with one of the most famous lines in business: 'Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?'"

Little did Steve know that this would be his undoing. It's interesting to me was that Steve Jobs has held on to his major priority from the early days, that computers had to be designed with the user in mind. Something now we kind of take for granted, but back in the day it was unheard of. No small surprise that he also was a perfectionist back then too, and the quote from Sculley was spot on:"The thing that separated Steve Jobs from other people like Bill Gates - Bill was brilliant too - but Bill was never interested in great taste. He was always interested in being able to dominate a market. He would put out whatever he had to put out there to own that space. Steve would never do that. Steve believed in perfection." Well worth the read in my opinion so check it out and let us know your thoughts on it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Timeline From Apple

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 05:00 AM

"Apple has set up a little history lesson/ timeline in their PR section of all of the iPods and iTunes versions they've put out. They even include hi-definition imagery."

It's actually an interesting timeline of the iPod and iTunes through the years, posted on the PR section of Apple.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Follow the Apple Timeline

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple News" @ 06:00 AM

"Ever wonder how Apple Computer became the industry icon it is today? How and why is it that a simple computer manufacturer could endear itself to its customer base so well that some researchers feel that Apple fans are not only just a cult but bordering on religion?"

Well now you can catch up on your Apple history by following along on this infographic, that gives a brief rundown from the birth of Steve Jobs to the present.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh My, How the Ads Have Changed

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Classic Apple" @ 09:00 AM

"As Apple's latest TV commercials for the iPhone 4's "FaceTime" functionality dazzle us with blandness, it got us thinking about the company's ad campaigns of years gone by."

You really appreciate the ads they are doing now when compared to some of the ones shown in this article. The one above isn't too bad, rather funny, but some of them are horrendous. I didn't realize Kevin Costner did an Apple ad until I read this article.

Tags: ads, history, vintage

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Tablet Revealed!! (from 1983)

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Other Apple Hardware" @ 10:00 AM

"The Mac community is waiting with bated breath for this week's expected Apple tablet announcement, but according to some quantum theorists, Mac communities in nearby parallel universes have been playing with Apple tablets since the Reagan administration."

Just to give you a taste for what could have been before we actually see today what is (hoping anyway), here is an interesting story about Apple's foray into the tablet world from back in 1983. Here are several more pics from the archive at Frog Design. 


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Attention Collectors! Apple I on eBay

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Classic Apple" @ 11:00 AM

"A few months ago, we provided details of an auction that featured a Mac that had been given to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry by Apple. If you missed your chance to pick up that prime item, now you have an opportunity to own an Apple that is even more rare: an Apple-1 (also known as the Apple I) that's currently on auction on eBay."

The auction is sitting at $50,000.00 USD, but that is the starting price since it hasn't received any bids. Interesting bit of history for a collector, but a pricey one!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to Macintosh Available, Well, Everywhere!

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple News" @ 10:00 AM

"We're big fans of the unauthorized doc "Welcome to Macintosh" - a true love letter to the history of Apple and its community. Now this indie film is available on iTunes."

Incidentally, this is also available streaming via Netflix if you want to watch it instantly, something I did last night as a matter of fact. I thought it was a pretty good background on Apple, albeit one without a lot of substance but how in depth can you really get in 74 minutes? Anyway, it was certainly worth watching and now it is available in iTunes, as well as everywhere else!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MacTracker for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple News" @ 12:00 PM

"Sometimes you need info on a specific model of computer when you're nowhere near a computer. You could scour the Web for the information, but good as the iPhone's Web browser is, it can still be pretty time consuming to track down a certain tidbit. Frankly, you could probably download and install Ian Page's free Mactracker (iTunes link) in less time."

Want to know the processor speed of that old IIe you have lying around? Save yourself some time and download the free MacTracker from the iTunes App Store. Not only will it tell you that, but it will also tell you initial price, system specs and many other items that will serve you well should you get into a trivia contest about Apple. I kid. But it is interesting to look up not only computers but some of the peripherals such as the Newton and see everything you wanted to know about them right on your iPhone/iPod Touch screen. If you want it on a bigger screen there is a desk top version available at the MacTracker site.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Curious Case of the iPhone

Posted by Vincent Ferrari in "Apple iPhone & iPod Touch" @ 11:30 AM

When the iPhone launched on June 29, 2007, the lines to get one were tremendous. I waited on line for about 8-10 hours to get mine. A lot of people waited a lot longer, and in New York City if you didn't get yours before the weekend was over, you had at least a one-week wait to get your hands on your own. No sooner did people get them in their hands than a disgruntled group of non-buyers began explaining to anyone who would listen that the only thing selling the iPhone was hype. Accompanying that argument was the repetitive pointing out that there was "nothing new" about the iPhone and that everything we were seeing in it had been done before. Read more...

Tags: apple, iphone, history

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