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Friday, July 13, 2012

Just What is the Best Way to Setup Your Wireless Audio System?

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Other Apple Hardware" @ 01:00 AM

"About a year ago, I wrote about the best way to set up wireless audio - how to get the music that lives on your computer onto speakers scattered throughout your home."

A lot of what he wrote about last time was mostly involving Apple products, but now there are more players in the market that might pique your interest. I've toyed with getting a Jawbone Jambox that is mentioned, since it seems so easy to use with any of my portable devices. And that is still a possibility, but for now I do pretty well with my Apple TV and my Bose system. How do you stream your audio?

Monday, May 21, 2012

iTunes Festival 2012 for UK Fans

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 04:00 AM

"Apple has just announced its line up for the annual iTunes Festival."

This event first started in 2007 and has been very popular, most likely due to the quality of the music but no less due to the fact that the tickets are given away free of charge. It runs from September 1st through the 30th, and if you are UK based you can follow along with the free iTunes Festival app if you couldn't score any tickets. This year confirmed acts include Jack White, Usher and Norah Jones. Not bad for a free concert right?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spotify on the iPad

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 03:00 AM

"The race for digital music supremacy got a little more interesting this morning when Spotify, the online music streaming service that has quickly become both an industry standard and a key online innovator, released its long-awaited iPad application, replacing the dinky half-size iPhone app that preceded it."

48 hours to try it before you buy it isn't a bad deal at all. After that, you either have to pony up the $9.99 USD monthly fee to continue to use the iPad version or give them some info about yourself to continue it for another 30 days free. I think that is plenty of time to decide if this fits your needs, and from the sounds of the review they certainly did it right with the iPad version. What are your thoughts on Spotify and their move, according to on exec, to become the "OS of music."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grooveshark is Back Via HTML5

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 06:00 AM

"Grooveshark, one of the popular free music service, seems to have made its way back to Apple devices, Android smartphones, BlackBerry's PlayBook and HP's Touchpad tablet through its HTML5 web app."

All you have to do is put the URL of in your mobile browser and you check it out. Of course, this doesn't work on all phones, such as Windows 7 but pretty much any other phone. There was mention of a monthly fee for this, but I don't see anything like that mentioned. Have any of you tried this "free" streaming music service yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Google Music Store and Apple Products

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 11:30 AM

"Once the Google Music store in the Android Market went live, I made my first Android Market music purchase."

So how did it work out? Once you read the review you will see that it wasn't all peaches and cream for him as sticking with the Apple ecosystem means all products work and you get the full use of capability. Not so much when you start mixing in products from other companies meant to replace a current Apple product. Although he does say its getting closer to being a similar experience, but it still isn't all there. Which is to be expected to a certain degree I think. I run a mix of sources for my music purchases, such as using for some deals, but I always put the stuff back into iTunes so it all works seamlessly with my devices. What are your experiences? Thoughts?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iTunes Music Match Arrives

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 08:20 AM

"Two weeks late, Apple's match-and-mirror music in the cloud service iTunes Match has finally launched while retaining its beta status. In the meantime, iTunes 10.5.1 for both Windows and Mac has been released, so get downloading if you intend on using iTunes Match."

The bonus here, is that if you sign up for the beta, you get an extra 3 months of the service for free. The downside is that once the beta period is over, you will have all of your files deleted by Apple so you will have to start the process over again. Not sure I want to go through the hassle, but I sure would like to see how it is all going to work so I think I'm going to go ahead and bite the bullet, what are your thoughts?

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Sweet Sound of Quality: Win a Set of $399 Audioengine A5+ Speakers

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home Events" @ 09:00 AM

I may be selling these sites and working full time for HTC now, but who says I can't have a little more fun giving away a great prize before I go? Last week I posted about the new Audioengine A5+ powered desktop speakers; the generous folks at Audioengine have offered up a set of these new speakers for a contest. With dual inputs (3.5mm and RCA, the latter of which is easily converted to an addition 3.5mm input with a cable) and a USB charging port, the A5+ speakers are a great companion to an endless variety of devices: desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, and yes, even the humble Zune. Ringing in at $399 USD, these are high-quality speakers that I guarantee will blow you away.

How do you win this contest? Simply post a comment to this discussion thread (one entry per person) telling me what your current audio solution for speakers is and how the Audioengine A5+ speakers will be better. One winner will be randomly selected from amongst all the entries and they'll get to chose either a set of black or white A5+ speakers. Due to the size and weight of this prize, it will only be shipped within the continental USA. The contest will remain open until Friday the 28th at 12 PM mountain time (GMT -7).

Best of luck everyone, and I look forward to reading some interesting entries. :-)

UPDATE: The contest is now over, and the winner is ITforSmallBiz. Thanks to everyone for entering!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pogoplug Mobile Offers Anywhere-You-Go Streaming

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home Hardware & Accessories" @ 09:30 AM

"Looking for a drop-dead simple solution for streaming media (photos, music, video) and accessing files from home on your smartphone or tablet? Or how about backing up your smartphone's recently taken photos and video? Well, Pogoplug's new $79 Pogoplug Mobile product offers to do just that."

There's definitely something very appealing about having access to all of your music, videos, and photos anywhere you go. I've solve this by by uploading every photo I've ever taken to Smugmug, every song I have to Amazon's Cloud Drive, and videos...well, I don't have a good solution for that yet. I can access them remotely via my Windows Home Server, but only when that works (the last time it didn't). This is rather appealing, especially given the $79 price point. What solution do you use for everywhere-you-go media access?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Music Service Via HTML 5 iOS Optimized Web App

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 01:00 PM,+iPad,+iPod)

"Google has announced via twitter that it now has an HTML 5 iOS optimized web app for its Google Music service."

This is by invite only so far, but you can access it via Works great on all the iOS devices.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

IK Multimedia's Amazing Music Tools for Your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Laptop Thoughts Accessories" @ 11:30 AM

For some of you, none of this will be new - but if you're like me and hadn't heard of these impressive products before now, check out these videos...

There are three products that are particularly exciting for musicians/vocalists who own an iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch: the iRig Mic, the iRig, and the iKlip. They also have some impressive software that goes along with these products. Any Laptop Thoughts or Apple Thoughts readers using this hardware or software? What do you think of it? I play bass guitar and sing, but no longer have an amp in my the idea of being able to plug into my iPad and play is really appealing, not to mention being able to lay down a vocal track if inspiration hits!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Cloud is Crowded with Music Choices

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 11:22 AM

"When Google and Amazon launched their cloud music services, they did so without signing deals with the four major music labels. Apple will not be following suit, and according to music industry insiders, having all the contracts signed is what's going to let Cupertino kick the competition's teeth in."

I haven't tried Google but I sure like what has done with their music services. Both basically let you store your purchased music in "the cloud" and access it from your device. For, the first 5GB is free and you can buy additional storage at roughly $1.00 USD per GB storage per year. Apple is rumored to offer streaming of music thus they will need the agreements with the labels, that is if the rumors are true. Which brings up one potential problem with Google, since Google transcodes some of the music it creates a new digital copy, thus requiring a licensing agreement. I would think if you were just buying an MP3 and storing where you bought it there would be no problem.

I still use a combination of and iTunes to purchase since I go for the deals, but my main storage is iTunes. With Google joining in the cloud services, it certainly is giving plenty of options and puts a little pressure on Apple to get moving with their rumored service doesn't it? What are your thoughts, does Apple have the upper hand if they get the agreements? Which services appeal to you or which ones are you using now?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Amazon's Cloud Player Now iOS Compatible

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 10:30 AM

"Late last week, iFans noted that Amazon quietly made some changes to its new Cloud Player for playing music stored by users in its new Cloud Drive service, making the player compatible with iOS devices for the first time."

Pretty cool, but I wish it was an app. It is a bit cumbersome to use Safari, go to, input your login credentials and then get to the page for your Cloud Player. Oh, and you also get this annoying "browser not compatible" message that you need to ignore to get there. Other than that, not a bad interface and I'm hoping this is just the first step in getting an iOS app out there. Have any of you signed up for the Cloud Player service? I have, but I haven't really used it since I keep pretty much everything in iTunes.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Is This The Beginning of a Price War With iTunes?

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 02:00 AM

", which is a distant No. 2 to Apple Inc. as a retailer of downloadable music, has upped the ante or, rather, lowered its prices to compete with iTunes."

Dropping $0.20 USD from their normal price of $0.89 USD, this is quite a deal from iTunes has 70% market share and is far back with only 10%, so is this a shot across the bow so to speak to steal some of iTunes customers? I've purchased, and will continue to purchase, music from with deals like this in the mix. makes it pretty easy to add the music to your iTunes library anyway so it isn't that much more difficult than buying directly through iTunes. I guess you could label me one of those "opportunistic" cherry pickers the article talks about. What about you, where do you get your music?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Apple Snags Agreement With Warner Music

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 02:00 AM

"Apple has reportedly reached an agreement with Warner Music, the third-largest record label, for its anticipated cloud-based music streaming service."

According to reports yesterday, it seems Apple now has two of the biggest music labels. There are four major labels: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony and EMI. This thing is heating up it appears, with Google and also in the hunt and wanting to provide cloud based music services. Personally, I'd like to be able to store all of my music in the cloud, what are your thoughts?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Altec Lansing InMotion Air Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System Reviewed

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home Hardware & Accessories" @ 01:00 PM

"Every year the gadget world is swamped by new buzz words, technological breakthroughs or product types that we simply must buy into. For music fans the must-have gadget is a dock and the buzz word it must now have is 'AirPlay' - Apple's wireless streaming connectivity capable of supporting lossless audio. So can we take a wireless speaker with none of this functionality seriously? Actually yes..."

Bluetooth-based speakers tend to be more on the "suck" side of the spectrum than the "awesome" side, but it seems Altec Lansing has pulled a rabbit out of their hat here and delivered a system that actually allows Bluetooth-transmitted audio to sound good. Go figure! If you've got a Bluetooth device and want to listen to music without having to connect it to a speaker dock, this looks like a good solution.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Skullcandy NBA Aviator Headphones in LA Apple Stores Only This Weekend

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad" @ 02:52 PM

"Popular headphone maker Skullcandy has announced that their special edition NBA All-Star weekend ‘Aviators' will be available exclusively this weekend at Los Angeles Apple stores."

These are slick looking, with special etching to celebrate the NBA All Star celebration that is being held from February 18 to 20th in Los Angeles. If you are a fan of the NBA and music, you might find yourself willing to put down the $179.95 USD they are asking, but if so you have to do it in LA. You can find out more at the Skullcandy site.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gorillaz Releases New Album, Written on the iPad

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 11:00 AM

"Following through with their Yuletide threat, Gorillaz has released their new album, The Fall, over on their official website... an album notable for being both written and recorded almost entirely on the iPad, using downloaded App Store apps."

The gimmick, of course, is that they used an iPad to create this, but the other noteworthy item about the album is you can stream it or download it for free from their website. They used numerous apps from the iTunes app store to create this album, such as Xenon, Cleartune and the free Mugician, and while this isn't my taste in music, I have to give them kudos for experimentation.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Beatles a Success on iTunes

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (OS X)" @ 08:45 AM

"It may not have been a day we'll never forget, but the addition of the Beatles music catalog to iTunes was no small thing. Backed by a ubiquitous marketing campaign that included billboards and prominent TV spots, sales of Beatles music on iTunes have been booming."

I was one of the people that didn't think this was that big of a deal, I was just happy that we wouldn't have to hear about any more rumors of The Beatles coming to iTunes. Apparently it was a big deal to a lot of people, since they have sold 450,000 albums and over 2 million songs worldwide since the group debuted on iTunes on November 16th of this year. In fact, Abbey Road is still a top 25 album as of this morning. I guess they do know what they are doing over at Apple.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lose Your Songs With iOS 4.2? Here Is The Fix

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 08:30 AM

"The customary series of unexpected fault reports are coming through the wires this am, with iOS 4.2 reportedly munching music on some iPhones and causing hassles with HDMI on the Apple TV. Here's what we got so far, and we hope, nay, urge readers with further information to use comments below to help each other out on this."

The bug on Apple TV apparently is causing some flickering, but there is an update due out soon for Apple TV so hopefully that will be fixed. The music issue has also cropped up, which makes it appear as if all the songs on your iPhone have been deleted. The fix is fairly simply though, all you have to do is the following:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes on the computer.
  • The phone appears under devices in the left-hand column;
  • click the arrow to the left of it so your media categories appear and select music;
  • Play a song on the iPhone via iTunes on your computer;
  • Sync the iPhone againRe-open the iPod app on the iPhone;
  • Wait a while while the iPod updates its library.

Simple to fix but annoying just the same.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bump App Updated to Share Music

Posted by Jeff Campbell in "Apple Software (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)" @ 04:00 AM

"iPhone app Bump is already pretty popular as a way to share contact information (like an electronic business card), but now the app lets you share music too."

The video doesn't show the music aspect, but you can now share songs from iTunes via the same method. It isn't the whole song obviously, just a teaser YouTube clip so you can preview it. This adds to the growing list of things on Bump that you can share, since you can transfer funds with PayPal, share photos and set up connections to Facebook among other social networks using the same process.

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